NANBU Philippines Incorporated (NPI) was established and registered on December 28, 2000 with the Security and Exchange Commission SEC     No. A200018608.  It was also registered as an Ecozone Export Enterprise with Registration Certificate Number 01-004.  Its first commercial operation was on July 16, 2001. NPI specializes in the manufacture of extrusion molded plastic products such as window frames and other products for homes, like plastic mainframe, duplicate glass supporters and handling knobs.  NPI has two plants that perform plastic extrusion and injection moulding.
NANBU Philippines Incorporated, 2nd factory is an expansion of NPI. It started its production on July 28, 2003. In here, an extension of the manufacture of extrusion moulded plastic products is carried out.  NPI 2 is also engaged in the assembly of kitchen lights and other kitchen accessories, household components, including bath tub covers. NPI 2 also has plastic injection moulding process that produce parts for automotive industry as well as household accessories.
      Quality People means Quality Products
It is the policy of the company to excel in the manufacturing field committed to the quality of the product and services, to ensure customer satisfaction as we employ people with the highest degree of well being committed to growth, success and profitability.

NANBU Philippines Incorporated is committed to adhere in environment requirements that is nature friendly, satisfactory to customers and will provide safety not only to our company but also to the rest of its personnel and its neighbors.
We will be faithful in producing quality products as a commitment to continual improvement while remaining responsible to our environment.  We will comply with its legislations and regulations and will strive to be known as vigilant in the preservation of our environment.
In this way, we will be successful but still be sensitive to the essence of our environment.

NANBU Philippines Incorporated is commited to have a safe and healthy working environment; free from chemical inhalation, eletrocution, burns and cut; for the employees, suppliers, customers and everybody that has connection to the company.
Dedicated to comply with the legal and other requirements that are applicable with NANBU Philippines extrusion, injection and assembly process.
Dedicated to comply with the OHSMS procedures and programs to attain one objective, to have continual improvement.

ISO 9001:2000
Certificate No. AJA05.018
Original Date of Registration - September 25, 2002
Date of Re-registration - January 05, 2009
Date of Expiry - December 03, 2011
ISO 14001:1996
Certificate No. AJA03/6955
Original Date of Registration - December 16, 2003
Date of Re-registration - February 12, 2009
Date of Expiry - December 03, 2011
OHSAS 18001:1999
Occupational Health and Safety Association System
Certificate No. AP/PH/07/HS/205
Date of Registration - November 22, 2007
Date of Expiry - November 20, 2010
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